Uplink Centres

PlayBox Technology systems are complete, reliable, and scalable to hundreds of channels, making it ideal for Uplink Centres. Available in SD, HD or DVB/ATSC, PlayBox Technology provides everything you need to build or upgrade your uplink centre, or tie several centres together.

PlayBox Technology DVB playout servers provide Uplink Centres and IPTV Headends a complete enterprise framework for preparation, ingest, manipulation and delivery of SDI and DVB MPEG-2 or H.264 TS via ASI and IP.

PlayBox SD/HD and DVB ASI/IP solutions represent an integrated approach that enables revenue optimisation to service providers while lowering total cost of ownership throughout the launch and life of new channels and services.

PlayBox Technology DVB products enable:

• Direct-to-ASI/IP MPEG2 or H.264 Playout

• Live DVB-ASI/IP Stream Commercial Insertion with No Recompression

• SI/PSI Generation DVB Multiplexing, PID Filtering and Remultiplexing

• Multi-Language, Multi-channel DVB Subtitling

• Intelligent IP switch for 1:1 and N+M automatic redundancy

PlayBox Technology DVB playout servers are based on open standards and offer a network distributed workflow. Third party applications can work with PlayBox Technology providing support for legacy technology.

Applications for the DVB Servers

PlayBox Technology solutions can be deployed individually or integrated as a total turnkey solution. Each PlayBox Technology system is designed to work on its own or together in a variety of workflow configurations.

• Record Off-Air from Satellite via ASI/IP Either the Whole Bouquet or Selectable Programmes and PID's.

• Overlay streams with dynamic graphics can be controlled automatically by metadata.

• Replay the recorded TS streams and select programmes to play from the recorded bouquet.

• Place a programme in the playlist and play it immediately, even while it is still being recorded.

• Prepare and trim still-recording programmes with multiple in and out points with the built-in clip trimmer.